While many think that sales and marketing go hand-in-hand, their teams don’t always gel when it comes to business goals and objectives. The relationship between sales and marketing teams has often been strained, mainly due to differences in strategic opinion when looking at contributing to the bottom line. However, many experts in the field recognize how crucial it is to have these factions ultimately join forces to deliver the best results. Read on to learn about how sales and marketing influencers are moving to bridge the gap.

Where Should Your Loyalty Lie in Sales Versus Marketing?

During an interview earlier in her career for an Indian marketing head, Purnima Menon was asked to rank these three stakeholders: the global marketing team, the sales team or the regional India marketing team. In a recent entry on LinkedIn Pulse, Purnima explains how this discussion went with her interviewer and their difference in opinion on the importance of sales and customer service compared to marketing and branding. Purnima concludes with several, thought-provoking questions that encourage readers to discuss the relationship between marketing, customer service, branding and sales.

Mending the Broken Relationship between Sales Reps and Marketers

It’s often perceived that sales teams and marketing teams are at odds with each other, at least when it comes to delivering measurable results for their businesses. In a recent article on Marketing AU, Peter Strohkorb offers seven approaches to soothing the notoriously tense relationship between sales reps and marketers. Many are rooted in aligned the teams’ goals and ensuring that communication lines are open and collaboration is encouraged.

Taking a Page Out of the Sales Playbook with Account Based Marketing

Any successful business will probably say that a one-size-fits-all approach to sales is unlikely to succeed. Tailored approaches are imperative to both gaining and maintaining accounts. After seeing this success in the sales arena and hearing valued feedback from customers, marketing teams are starting to more aggressively implement this approach. And to do this, a strong partnership between sales and marketing must exist. Tim O’Regan explains in a recent Ad Age article, “To succeed, ABM (Account Based Marketing) requires a collaborative approach between sales and marketing so they can identify the specific accounts they want to target. By aligning itself behind a common list of accounts, marketing can demonstrate to sales how each tactic is impacting those accounts and moving them towards conversion.” The account-specific metrics resulting from these programs are far more measurable and tangible for business leaders.

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