Federal Firebrands

Meet Two Federal Firebrand Nominees, Then Go Vote!

by Jenna Sindle

Late winter is not just awards season for actors, directors, and sound producers, it’s also time recognize the achievements of the most innovative public sector marketers. Last week MeriTalk announced it’s Federal Firebrands. Federal Firebrands are those sales and marketing leaders “who are passionate about their work, spark great ideas, and go above and beyond – day in and day out.”

As we took a look through the list, we found we recognized more than a few of the names and, in particular, we were pleased to see SolarWinds’ Lisa Sherwin Wulf and ViON’s Liz Anthony among the nominees. Both SolarWinds and ViON are longtime sponsors of Strategic Communications Group’s Buyer Communities an innovative program that helps marketers connect engagement to demand through content.

Both Sherwin Wulf and Anthony have a strong track record of delivering success for their organizations and we’ve been fortunate enough to sit down with them to discuss their careers. In light of their recent nominations we’ve decided to share these conversations to highlight the breadth and depth of their contributions to the field of public sector marketing.

How Liz Anthony is Connecting Sales and Marketing to Deliver Results

Here’s an excerpt from our conversation with Liz from December 2018 about the creation of ViON’s Marketplace and the positive impact it has had on both sales and on strengthening partner relationships. You can jump to the full article here, or at the end of the excerpt.

“Beyond engaging public sector organizations, Anthony had a second measure of success in mind when she created ViON’s Marketplace. “Marketing to the public sector is like no other field of marketing with federal, state, and local governments having specific needs that demand unique solutions. The government is at the enterprise level – really a ‘Fortune One.’ It’s exciting because many agencies are developing solutions that will reach into the private market years from now with government leading innovations,” she shared. “But I also wanted to ensure that the program connected our sales and marketing teams across ViON and our Partner Community, to demonstrate that marketing is a strategic business partner for the sales organization.” When marketing and sales are aligned and focused together to bringing the best value to our customers, that is where you see market acceleration.”  Read more…

Customer Engagement in an Evolving World

We’ve pulled this piece from the archive to show just how committed to innovation SolarWinds’ Lisa Sherwin Wulf is. Back in 2015 very few marketers were using their new martech tools as anything more than a fancy database. But Lisa Sherwin Wulf was. And she was using her stack to deepen and strengthen customer engagement. You can jump to the full article here, or at the end of the excerpt.

“It’s important to remember that even with all the tools and technology marketers have today it’s about engaging and connecting with your customers and prospects – that’s what will drive and grow your business. You need to look at where they “live” and how they want to be communicated with, then leverage these insights to grow your business. Analytics and technology can help you figure this out, but it can be tempting, and sometimes easier, to put your faith in every new platform and communication method that becomes available. But if the customers or influencers you want to reach haven’t yet adopted that platform, or if implementing the new technology isn’t expected to deliver enough results to justify the cost or resources, it is probably not a good use of your time and ultimately won’t help you to grow your business. “ Read more…

Ready to cast your ballot for Anthony, Sherwin Wulf or one of the other nominees? You can do that here.