Modern Marketing: A Bold New Frontier [INFOGRAPHIC]

by Jenna Sindle

The speed of evolution in technology and the rate at which new tools and resources are available to marketers at times feels like warp speed. Additionally, those same tools and technologies are taking marketing teams to new worlds with unexplored terrains.

Just today, marketing automation provider, Pardot, released an entertaining and educational infographic on the progression of marketing throughout the years, starting from the golden age of advertising and ending in the yet to be fully charted world of modern marketing.

While slightly cheesy, the parallel between modern marketing and space exploration actually does have some merit to it. After all, modern marketing does have shiny, new “weapons” (metrics, analytics, marketing automation software, etc), roles, and crew (or team) members that are essential to the success of the mission (program). Today’s modern marketers are trailblazers, exploring new worlds of knowledge and tools once only dreamed of.

The infographic below highlights the ways in which the marketing discipline is changing and the futuristic new technologies marketers have at their fingertips.

Modern Marketing: A Bold New Frontier [INFOGRAPHIC] - An Infographic from Pardot

Embedded from Pardot