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Modern Marketing Today’s Best Hits of 2017

by Chelsea Barone

As 2017 comes to a close, the Modern Marketing Today team would like to thank our wonderful readers and contributors for another great year on the books. To celebrate all the great discussion, insight, and content created in the marketing community this year, we’re sharing our top five articles from 2017. Enjoy reading (or re-reading) them!

Marketing to State and Local Government – Best Practices and Strategies that Work

“Marketing to the public sector is already a unique task in comparison to marketing in the private sector. There are different regulations, priorities and challenges to be considered. But what about the differences between federal-level marketing and state and local level marketing? Surely there can’t be a one-size-fits-all approach to government marketing given the vast dissimilarities in task execution and agendas on the local level.” NetApp’s Karen Borosky and other federal marketing experts discuss nuances of marketing to the public sector.

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Danielle Rogers of SolarWinds Shares Career Advice for Budding Marketers

“To provide up-and-coming marketers with crucial marketing career advice that will get them to that next step, Modern Marketing Today sat down with Danielle Rogers, a Federal Marketing Specialist at SolarWinds and asked her about the best strategy for breaking into the job market. Danielle sheds light on the importance of a holistic, open-minded approach in the marketing arena and how far that seemingly needless experience can really take you. Here’s what she had to say on breaking into the marketing biz.”

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Interaction and Immersion are the Secrets to Sales Enablement, says Prezi CEO Peter Arvai

“Any marketing expert could tell you that storytelling is not just about telling the story; it’s about showing it. This is why tactics like direct mail marketing and the like have shown resurgence in recent years in interaction with consumers directly. That tangible, visual element is what can seal the deal for a sale.” Peter Arvai, CEO of Prezi discusses with MMT the important element of immersion in storytelling.

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Ear to the Ground – Keep Close Tabs on Your Online Community and Up Your Upselling Game

“Cold calling and networking referrals vs. loyalty and upselling – this dichotomy presents an important choice for the sales community. Sales professionals dutifully spout the fact that customer acquisition costs are five times higher than retention costs, but too many are walking right past an upselling goldmine without even knowing it.” Higher Logic CMO Hunter Montgomery shares his take on the importance of building and nurturing online communities.

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A Glance at the Federal IT Marketing Space: An Exclusive Q&A with Alexandra McHugh of New Relic

“There’s no one-size-fits-all approach for marketing, especially when you take a look at the differences between the public and private sectors. Each marketing approach needs to be tailored to the concerns and expectations of its customers, including how they consume information and their industry’s context.

“Here to discuss the vast differences between marketing for government and consumer audiences is Alexandra McHugh, Marketing and Communications Leader at New Relic* and Founder of Mavens of Marketing, a group specializing in the area of government IT marketing.”

*Alexandra McHugh is now the Senior Manager of the Public Sector & LATAM Marketing for Akamai Technologies.

Read the whole article here.

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