#ModernCX Day 2: Optimizing Marketing Strategy in the Experience Economy

by Chelsea Barone

As the Modern Marketing Today team reported earlier this week, Oracle’s Modern Customer Experience (#ModernCX) is underway and thousands of marketers have gathered in Las Vegas, NV to “be legendary together,” as this year’s theme directs. Looking at Day 1 and Day 2, we noticed a few key topics emerging from this year’s 300+ sessions including updating tried and true practices, understanding how to operate in the experience economy, and the value of data quality (not just data quantity).

Here’s what attendees had to share during the first two days at #ModernCX:

A huge focus for speakers this year was strategically revamping old marketing approaches that are no longer serving their purpose like they used to. Updates to security strategy, customer relations, email marketing, and the general consensus around the customer experienced were all unpacked at #ModernCX this year.

Another prevalent buzz term on the floor of #ModernCX this year was “experience economy.” The ability to build a bond with a customer by consistently offering them a superior experience with your company is paramount. Oracle’s Rob Tarkoff and Mark Hurd offered sage advice about customer relations in the experience economy during their keynotes that deeply resonated with attendees this year.

The importance of data isn’t going anywhere in the conversations of marketers (or really anyone for that matter). Everyone knows they need data and are working diligently to collect and leverage as much as possible, especially with the rise of AI and machine learning programs. But what good does that data do if it’s dirty (e.g. inaccurate, erroneous, repetitive)? The important of data quality was a hot topic at #ModernCX this year as well.

The Modern Marketing Today team is excited about the start of conference season and look forward to hearing from industry experts like these folks about the latest and greatest in the field. You can follow our coverage of this year’s event season by becoming an MMT subscriber here.