Personalization Made Possible: Putting CRM to Work

by Jackie Davis

If you don’t know your customers, how could you possibly give them what they want?

That’s an interesting question posed in a recent report on personalization by Sitecore. And the truth is, if you don’t know your customers you can’t give them what they want. But today’s marketers can leverage personalized content to gain insights into customer preferences and can use that knowledge to deliver a tailored experience backed by data.

“Remember when seeing your name in an email subject line seemed like a revolutionary advancement in digital marketing? Today, personalization — offering customers tailored experiences that keep them engaged — requires a far more robust and strategic approach and is essential to remaining competitive in a crowded and increasingly savvy marketplace,” stated a recent Sitecore report.

Data, the driving factor of personalization, can be an intimidating word for marketers that thrive on crafty copy and artistic images, but it doesn’t have to be. According to a recent Forester report, marketers are willing to embrace technology that integrates data analysis to improve personalization. For many, starting with a customer relationship management (CRM) tool is the first step. Sitecore, a leader in CRM tools, has partnered with Salesforce to provide marketers with a platform that customizes integration, makes creating, distributing, and housing personalized content easier, and promotes omnichannel strategies.

“Think of it as an evolution from marketing communications to digital conversations, with data as the starting point. Collecting, analyzing, and effectively using information about consumer demographics, interests, and behaviors will help you create campaigns, content, and experiences that resonate with your target audience,” said the report.

With more customers expecting this seamless, personalized experience, it’s time for marketers to implement the technology needed to deliver. According to a recent Accenture survey, 91 percent of consumers are more likely to shop with brands that recognize, remember, and provide them with relevant offers and recommendations.

“The digital age has elevated consumer expectations for relevant, contextual, and convenient experiences to unprecedented heights. Put plainly, consumers have become accustomed to getting what they want, and they’re gravitating toward the brands that recognize them as individuals at every step of their journey. Meeting those expectations lands squarely on the shoulders of marketers, who must leverage intelligent personalization tactics if they hope to keep consumers engaged and coming back for more,” stated the report.

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