Predictions of Consolidation in the Marketing Technology Arena

by Jenna Sindle

What marketing tools do you use?  From marketing automation platforms to interactive apps there are many ways to reach potential consumers.  In fact, some industry leaders are beginning to think that there may be too many tools for marketers to use in an era where there are so many ways to reach buyers.

With a proliferation of marketing technology tools on the market, Marketo’s Steve Lucas predicts that 2017 will be a year of consolidation in the marketing technology (martech) space.  In a recent interview with SiliconANGLE Media co-CEO John Furrier, Lucas said that consolidation would likely be spurred by two factors – an influx of capital with promised changes in the tax code and the need to provide marketers with a unified platform that can demonstrate engagement.

So, if you’re a marketer who is feeling overwhelmed, remember you’re not alone and help is on the way!


To hear more about what Steve Lucas thinks will happen in martech in 2017 you can watch his interview with John Furrier, here: