Love it or Hate it, LinkedIn is Essential for B2G Marketers Shares Mark Amtower

by Jenna Sindle

Most people have a love – hate relationship with social media platforms. The promise of greater connection can often be overshadowed by distraction and noise, even on a professional social platform like LinkedIn. But marketing expert, Mark Amtower, says don’t be so quick to dismiss the value of LinkedIn, especially if you’re a B2G marketer.

In a recent video on B2G marketing on Amtower Raw, Amtower explained that LinkedIn is an “integral part of the government contracting ecosystem.” In his opinion “the simple act of being on LinkedIn is the best face you can put forward.” However, he cautioned “if you’re not presenting yourself well, you’re toast” with the government community.

So how do you avoid becoming toast and present the best version of your professional self and your organization through your LinkedIn profile?

First of all Amtower says understand why government decision makers are using LinkedIn. “They’re using it [LinkedIn] to vet and verify companies and people, especially subject matter experts,” to make sure they can deliver on a proposal.

Then, with that information in hand don’t sit there waiting for something to happen, start building your profile Amtower advises. For subject matter experts it’s essential to showcase thought leadership content they’ve authored on a relevant subject to demonstrate that domain knowledge and build credibility.

But regardless of whether you’re the lead subject matter expert on a proposal, or an account manager looking to learn more about opportunities Linked is an invaluable tool. “You can use LinkedIn for many purposes; for branding purposes, you can use it for account based marketing … you can use it to build a network you define of key people in your niche market.”

Ready to get started on building your LinkedIn profile to build relationships and connect with the government community? You can watch the full video here.