Revvie Award

Revvie Award winners illustrate importance of connecting engagement to demand

by Ryan Schradin

This week, the nation’s leading marketers from some of the world’s largest and most respected brands have descended on Las Vegas, NV, for the Marketo Marketing Nation Conference, which is being held as part of the annual Adobe Summit.

This year’s Summit is expected to play host to approximately, “15,000 marketers, advertisers, data scientists, and other experience makers,” and is intended, “to empower them to create and deliver more compelling, connected, and consistent customer experiences.”

The first day of this exciting, week-long event featured the Adobe Experience Maker Awards ceremony. During this ceremony, ten marketers and companies were recognized with Marketo Revvie Awards for, “delivering exceptional end-to-end customer experiences and driving new growth for their organizations by leveraging Marketo.”

The ten companies that the award-winning marketers represent are a veritable, “who’s who,” of household names and brands. But what’s more interesting than who won the awards is why they won the awards.

In previous Modern Marketing Today articles, I’ve talked about the sea change that’s been ongoing across the marketing industry and the changing role of marketers within organizations. What we’ve noticed is a change in roles and responsibilities for marketers within the organization.

Today, the marketers that we’re working with within our client organizations aren’t being held to the same success metrics as they used to be. They’re no longer laser focused on brand awareness and messaging. Instead, they’re being tasked with driving leads and connecting engagement with prospects to demand for their companies’ products and services.

Don’t believe me? Just look at these snippets from the descriptions of eight of the ten Revvie Award-winners, highlighting their accomplishments:

Marketing Team of the Year: Palo Alto Networks
Launching Marketo in record time, the team supported 100 marketers in more than 12 languages and became a critical pillar in helping their company achieve a 29 percent year-over-year increase in revenue of $2.3 billion in 2018.

Marketer of the Year: Joe Reitz, Amazon Web Services
In 2018, Joe and his team increased marketing-influenced pipeline by 6x from the previous year and more than doubled marketing-influenced revenue.

Marketing Executive of the Year: Glenn Thomas, GE Healthcare
Glenn and his team drove more than $1 billion in pipeline opportunities in 2018.

The Fearless Marketer: Euan Howden, Education New Zealand
Education New Zealand drove 110,000 leads in just six months and delivered more than NZ$60 million in student value to the New Zealand economy at the cost of just NZ$4.01 million.

The Performer: Honeywell
They tripled their annual lead volume, and the number of customers engaging with their content skyrocketed, resulting in $1 billion in pipeline.

The Transformer: Pelco by Schneider Electric
Their email performance nearly doubled, lead generation nearly tripled, and the sales team reported a major improvement in lead quality.

The Dream Team: Concentrix

Concentrix attributed over 20 percent of new business closed/won deals and pipeline to Marketo. Overall, there was a 20-percent increase in internal engagement from the sales team.

The Orchestrator: Helix Education
Using Marketo, Helix realized significant increases in funnel conversion rates and year-over-year lift in enrollment.

What do you see continuously in these Revvie Award-winning program descriptions? Lead generation. Driving pipeline. Creating a customer experience that connects engagement with prospects into demand for the company.

What don’t you see in any of these Revvie Award-winning program descriptions? The creation of brand awareness among key stakeholders. Driving thought leadership in the marketplace and among communities of prospects. All of the things that marketing and public relations agencies fell back on to illustrate success in a time when data wasn’t available, and we couldn’t measure the success of marketing and PR campaigns with actual, measurable analytics.

I’m not saying these things aren’t important. They are. In fact, I still list agenda setting, thought leadership and brand awareness among the benefits when I talk about the programs that I manage on behalf of my clients. But these things, alone, aren’t enough anymore.

Marketers that are going to stand the test of time in 2019 and beyond will be those that can utilize multiple different channels to engage and nurture their prospects. They’ll be able to build communities of prospects online and engage them with content and storytelling. They’ll create a personalized experience for these individuals that makes them feel like their personal needs and challenges are being discussed and addressed. And they’ll connect that online engagement to real world demand that drives pipeline and revenue for their sales organization and company.

All the proof you need is right there, in the accomplishments of this year’s Revvie Award winners. The old days are gone and a new era in marketing and customer experience is upon us. It’s time to embrace the new role of marketing in the organization – one that’s held to hard, measurable sales metrics and connects engagement to demand.