shanyIntegration is no longer a concept for sales and marketing teams, it’s a requirement. A lack of communication and accountability between these two departments leads to missed opportunities and lost revenue. Below, Shany Seawright, managing director and partner at Strategic Communications Group, shares some of the pain-points that marketing and sales professionals within her client organizations are experiencing and why Web2Sales is the answer.


Talk to us about your clients and their pain-points.

Every day the gap between our clients and their buyers is increasing. It’s harder to get face time for meetings or at conferences, and traditional forms of marketing efforts are not cutting through the clutter.

As a result, if the buyer does pick up the phone to contact a vendor, they are 70 percent of the way there in making a decision and it leaves very little room to influence that decision. And for the leads that are brought in through marketing activities, they often get stuck in the pipeline and often are not touched.

In the end, the leads die and no one is held accountable.


Have your clients embraced Web2Sales?

A Web2Sales approach gives our clients the opportunity to reach out and educate the buyer early on in the process.

By becoming a credible source of industry content, our clients are creating educational platforms where peers share best practices and lessons learned. Combine that with expert advice and integrated marketing activities, and our clients become a go-to source for information and solutions.

But without tracking activities, securing leads, and creating a process of action within the sales organization, the opportunities presented fail to offer a true ROI.

Web2Sales combines the strategy, content, with marketing automation and Salesforce integration to track activities and assign responsibilities. While we can’t make the sale, we can create a level of accountability that is critical to the success of a program.

What is your take on Web2Sales as the logical next step for marketing and sales professionals?

Integration. Marketing, regardless of the tactics and the content, cannot be successful unless it enables sales and growth for the company.

In order to do this, marketing and sales must be integrated and a level of accountability is required.
The above interview is an except from Welcome to Web2Sales, available for download here.
To learn more about Web2Sales for sales professionals in particular, check out the infographic below.


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