Today in Las Vegas over 3,000 marketing professionals are gathering to kick-off SiriusDecisions 2017 Summit.  The summit is the last of the big three marketing conferences for the spring season, following on from last month’s Marketing Nation and Modern Marketing Experience.

While all of the marketing conferences of late are focusing on similar themes around the value of data and the vitality of human interaction, SiriusDecisions 2017 sets itself apart with a three perspective approach to the business challenges faced by marketing professionals today.   Each track is broken into the following sections:

  • These sessions introduce a new model or framework that has been built to address an emerging growth-related issue, or to better address an existing one.
  • These sessions provide a detailed look at how best to implement our models including best practices, advice, tools and templates to speed model implementation.
  • These sessions focus on the next generation of a model or framework, extensions to models, and how multiple models can work together.

In doing so, the summit addresses one of the most significant frustrations that marketers feel at present – being overwhelmed by new technology and new processes.  During the conference, the framework enables marketers and sales leaders to identify the sessions that will be most valuable to them and provides information for where they in their Martech journey.

After the conference I can see great value in taking the three part model and putting it to work when implementing data-driven programs.  This type of model is valuable at the beginning of a Martech implementation to help clarify questions about why it’s necessary or what results are expected. And its value is increased as those programs mature and lessons learnt can be integrated in order to leverage investments to their fullest potential.

With such a full week ahead it’s time to get ready for sessions.  If you can’t be in Las Vegas for the Summit, we’ll be tweeting and posting content all this week.  You can follow along on Twitter, or sign-up to receive our latest posts in your inbox.

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