Sitecore Symposium – Connecting with the Pampered Customer

by Jackie Davis

Today’s customer is pampered. They expect – and demand – personalized experiences from the brands they engage with. But how can organizations deliver this preferred experience? By connecting with customers in unique and memorable ways. The Sitecore Symposium, kicking off today, explores the strategies that brands can implement to provide customers with the experience they expect.

From expert speakers to learning sessions and networking, this event has something for all members of the team who are focused on building this highbrow customer experience. This year, the event supports IT, marketing, and digital teams as it focuses on a brand’s ability to align, deliver, and thrive.

Align: Learn from experts how to bring your team, from the C-Suite to the IT department, together around a digital transformation goal.

Deliver: Employ personalized commerce and content by using Sitecore’s digital experience platform to engage customers.

Thrive: Make meaningful connections with your customers to boost sales and engagement.

To help reach these goals, attendees can follow one of the following tracks: digital-first strategies, developing on Sitecore, experience commerce, or DevOps scenarios. During these tracks, attendees will hear from expert speakers in IT, marketing, digital, and customer experience.

Speakers such as Brendan Witcher, Forrester Research, VP and Principal Analyst, Paige O’Neill, Sitecore, Chief Marketing Officer, and Platon, an award-winning photographer, will discuss topics like customer experience, business strategy, and personalized connections. Discussions will focus on how these initiatives play into connecting digital-first to customer experience – and how this experience caters to the pampered customer.

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