Sitecore Symposium – How Technology Enhances Human Connection for Marketers

by Chelsea Barone

Yesterday, Sitecore Symposium 2019 kicked off in Orlando, FL boasting over 100 sessions spread across four tracks. Today, attendees are digging into the first day of sessions and learning in-depth about a brand’s ability to align, deliver, and thrive. The conference aims to help attendees discover how to create human connections in a digital world, a key focus for several of the sessions for today.

Because the marketing world is becoming increasingly data-driven, it’s not surprising that a huge focus for Sitecore Symposium is understanding how to leverage that data in a way that appeals to human nature. Whether it’s personalization, automation, or predictive analytics, data is a crucial player in connecting with customers on a deeper, more personal level. A few of the sessions today that speak to the important relationship between data and the human element include:

  • Human connections in a digital world: Discover the strategies that define successful digital brands – “Connecting with people matters more than ever in our increasingly digital world. What is the secret to delivering the best experience to each customer, every time? Join Sitecore CMO Paige O’Neill for an inside perspective on how brands can thrive in a world where everyone wants to feel special. You’ll meet three Sitecore customers—General Mills, Cirque du Soleil, and the American Heart Association—who will share their own stories of building relationships that last.

  • Marketing track keynote: Communicating with Data – Galvanizing your community with great stories – “You’ve done the analysis, found a huge opportunity – and you have ideas for how to make the most of it. Now you need to galvanize your community, whether it’s colleagues, customers, prospects or execs. You’ve got to get the word out, ensure the message gets through and inspire action. Stories are key to your success. And a big part of your success will be how well you build and connect with your community. So how can you be a better communicator? In this talk, Elissa Fink will share stories from her experience as a data-driven marketing executive and as an architect of Tableau Software’s vibrant community.”

  • From lead to loyal member: Increasing revenue through a personalized customer experience driven by Sitecore and Salesforce – “Today’s consumers are accustomed to engaging with brands like Netflix, Amazon, Spotify, and Uber. Their personalized, predictive experiences with these brands have set expectations across all retail experiences, and the Credit Union of Texas (CUTX) knew it was no different. In order to grow and increase customer satisfaction, CUTX needed to provide a fully personalized and predictive experience across the entire customer journey. Learn how CUTX, with the help of SilverTech, has increased mortgage leads more than 400% by leveraging data from Salesforce DMP to create personalized product recommendations — and how it integrated with Salesforce Sales and Marketing Clouds to kick off journey flows and track lead generation and attribution.”

  • Accelerate contextual marketing across all your touch-points: Leveraging your data to increase customer engagement and loyalty – “Learn how to innovate across people, process, and technology to achieve massive growth in customer acquisition and experience. We will share concrete examples and roadmaps on how to become more relevant and personal by using omnichannel marketing automation concepts and technology to create and optimize your customer’s journey.”

You’ll notice that all of these sessions relate directly to understanding human interaction and relationships and leverage new technologies to glean those valuable insights. Data makes these relationships we build even more valuable and actionable for marketers and produces a marketing and sales experience where everyone benefits. By incorporating the right technologies, customer relationships can actually become more organic and genuine, a critical element in any human interaction.

Here are a few other tweets from attendees sharing their experience at Sitecore Symposium 2019 and making human connections in a digital world:

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