Sitecore Symposium – New Products, Updates, and Key Takeaways

by Chelsea Barone

This year’s Sitecore Symposium was one for the books. Centered around the theme of creating human connections in this digital-driven world, Sitecore presented a lineup of industry experts covering a series of topics to help brands meet the expectations of today’s “pampered customer.” Sitecore also introduced new products and updates in addition to other symposium essentials including networking opportunities, customer showcases and of course, a puppy playpen. In celebration of this year’s #SitecoreSYM here are three symposium highlights.

Because this year’s theme was creating human connections in a digital world Dr. Rana el Kaliouby, CEO and Co-founder for Affectiva, spoke about the importance of building emotional connections with consumers in order to create unique brand experiences. Specifically, she spoke about leveraging Emotion AI to measure consumer data which tells how they’re responding to content and the importance of real-time emotional awareness in driving campaign success.

On the subject of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation, Sitecore also announced their new solution for marketers, Sitecore AI. Fueled by predictive insights, this machine learning framework powered by Microsoft Azure will work as a next generation service to identify visitor trends and create customer segments automatically.

“Its real-time, high-performance data processing and analysis has the power to forecast behavior trends and generate smart campaigns with minimal human guidance, yet still customize the AI to their specific use cases. As we go forward, Sitecore AI will be infused throughout the Sitecore platform and form a core element of our SaaS vision,” said Executive Vice President of Product, Desta Price of Sitecore.

Finally, Sitecore announced the company’s vision for SaaS, a complete reinvention of Sitecore software coming summer 2020 – with full integration to Sitecore Content Hub — that will offer customers an easier and faster way to build digital experiences that make an impact.

“Enabling brands to deliver customer experiences as quickly and efficiently as possible is paramount in this digital age. We are reinventing the standard with a modern SaaS platform where brands can realize time-to-value much faster and easily drive the digital transformations needed to stay relevant through an easy to use, configurable, and extensible platform,” explained Chief Executive Officer, Mark Frost of Sitecore.

That’s a wrap for #SitecoreSYM 2019. Attendees learned the importance of building emotional connections to generate personalized brand experiences among other key takeaways and the Sitecore team unveiled a new artificial intelligence add-on in addition to revealing their move to a SaaS Platform. With all of this and more jampacked into one symposium, what do you think we can expect for next year?