2018 Predictions

Starting the Cycle of 2018 Predictions

by Jenna Sindle

I don’t know about you but my inbox and those of the Buyer Communities team at Strategic have been flooded with pitches for 2018 predictions, including from our very own President and CEO, Marc Hausman. Marc, also known as The Strategic Guy for his much-loved and long-running blog, offered us a look at his ‘glorious guesses’ which look suspiciously like predictions…

What’s interesting about Marc’s glorious guesses is that they are very human-centric. At Strategic, we’re big fans of exceptional marketing tools and tech platforms (check out our AI coverage of late), to help marketers connect engagement to demand.

And yet, as is reflected in Marc’s glorious guesses, we’re also committed to the centrality of the human connection. From content development to outreach and engagement to avoid the creepy factor, the tone-deaf factor, and the exceptional connection that delivers that unicorn of a quick-converting lead into the hands of sales, a talented human being who can put tech tools to work to connect engagement to demand is the key factor.

So, with no further ado here are Marc’s Glorious Guesses for B2B marketers in 2018:

Guess #1: B2B marketers recognize customer intimacy can not be achieved with a platform. Customer relationship management and marketing automation software make the sales process more scalable and predictive. Yet, it fails to replace the relationship building process required to secure the deal.  People do business with companies they know and trust.  A buyer is more than a faceless and vanilla lead score.  Companies need competent and relationship-oriented sales professionals.

Guess #3: Simplification of the marketing stack. Once the industry savants at Gartner suggested the CMO will soon outspend the CTO on technology, a myriad of vendors pivoted their development and M&A focus. The result: a complex and disjointed bounty of applications and tools.  Marketers are marketers.  We’re not technologists.  The stack will thin to become more easily understood and implemented.

What? You say I’ve missed Glorious Guess #2? To read that gem you’ll need to click here.  Once you’ve done that, why not share your Glorious Guess with us?  Send us a tweet filling in the blank: “For #B2B #marketers I predict that 2018 will be the year of ______ #gloriousguess #itsaprediction #2018predictions”