Successful Marketers Connect Engagement to Demand

by Jenna Sindle

Creativity, passion, and innovation are some of the basic traits that make for a successful marketer. Intriguing campaigns that create buzz about your brand used to be the mark of success that gave a marketer purpose. Those days are dwindling as the data-driven revolution sweeps through the workplace. Today, the benchmark for a successful marketer is one who can connect engagement to demand.

How does the modern marketer tackle this seemingly enormous task? Start by collecting data that can be used to target and drive a campaign to the intended audience. There are many tools out there – from analytics platforms to marketing automation tools that deliver a wealth of data to marketers. And this is where modern marketers depart from tradition and connect engagement to demand.

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Connecting engagement to demand means that the marketer has analyzed the data to understand what matters most to those customers or prospects who are priorities for their organization. From there, marketers are empowered by data to understand the needs and interests of their key accounts, top prospects, and elusive whitespace accounts. Then they can optimize their engagement and nurture the relationship from the moment of engagement to the time the lead is qualified, and even after the lead is handed over to sales.

This is what the team at Strategic Communications Group, Inc. (Strategic) does every day. We work hand-in-glove with our clients’ marketing teams to build targeted content-driven campaigns that will enable them to connect with their top target accounts and foster that relationship throughout the buyer’s journey.

We recently took a deep dive into the data that are generated by our public sector, healthcare, and marketing Buyer Communities to create focus reports.  These reports provide marketers a picture of what matters most to readers in each vertical and provide a snapshot of the types of micro-targeted campaigns that marketers can create to connect engagement to demand.

Interested in seeing what we’re talking about? You can download one – or all – of Strategic’s Marketing Focus Reports, here.