While brand awareness is certainly important in the marketing world today, the C-suite is looking for measurable, scalable value. There’s a way to deliver that value: Web2Sales. By leveraging your social media participation, search engine optimization and digital communications, you can use content and align it with lead generation, lead nurture and finally, deal capture.

But how do you make the concept of Web2Sales a tactical reality at your organization? Here are the five crucial steps:

Think like a publisher.

A sizeable portion of content marketing materials found online are highly self-promotional and outdated. If it reads like a press release or marketing collateral, consumers aren’t going to place much stock in it.

Promote through multiple channels.

Search, social networking, and digital communications are incredibly important. Prospects aren’t going to miraculously land on your page; you need to take the content you’re creating for your thought leadership programs and populate it into those campaigns. Take the time to identify where your prospects spend their time online and get that content in front of them. Think of your sales team as another channel, and work with reps to repurpose content and start a dialogue with prospects.

Collaborate with sales.

There seems to be an often tense dynamic between sales and marketing. There generally isn’t much communication between departments, and that doesn’t do much to help. It’s time that marketers took ownership of their relationship with sales. Sales reps spend most of their day speaking with customers and prospects, and they know them better than anyone else. This kind of knowledge can greatly inform the kind of content you create, making it more relevant and targeted.

Study the analytics.

Prospects don’t like being sold to; they’re rarely going to tell you they have budget or a specific need. But people tell you what they think by how they spend their time. Looking at your analytics can reveal a lot about what’s going on in the marketplace, and what it is your prospects are looking for.

Translate analytics into actionable insight.

Looking at analytics is great, but it means little if you’re not using them to recognize trends. What are prospects looking at? What action can you take to achieve some kind of outcome? This is the kind of knowledge and insight that elevates the ROI from your marketing spend. It shows you how you’re impacting revenue touch.

The above is an excerpt from “Welcome to Web2Sales: Revenue Creation via Content, Search, Social, Digital and CRM“. To learn more about Web2Sales, download a copy of this exciting and informative eBook, authored by Marc Hausman, founder and CEO of Strategic Communications Group. You will learn how Web2Sales can be implemented at your organization, the framework for a Web2Sales program and what industry insiders have to say about Web2Sales. The eBook was formally launched at this year’s Mid-Atlantic Marketing Summit.

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