Tomorrow’s Mid-Atlantic Marketing Summit is set to bring hundreds of modern marketers together to discuss the latest trends and best practices in the industry. What makes the event so unique is its diversity, with speakers and attendees ranging from the private, public and non-profits sectors. Topics being covered at the event include personalizing the customer journey, the continued rise of mobile and the state of SEO. Notable speakers include Joe Payne, former CEO of Eloqua, Brian Cooley, CMO at EverFi and Marie Russell, Director for Federal Marketing at Juniper Networks.

One particular topic of interest set to be addressed at tomorrow’s summit is how marketers can align their tactics with measurable sales outcomes. Determining ROI from campaigns is an immense struggle for today’s marketer. In fact, a survey conducted by Forrester, the Business Marketing Association and the Online Marketing Institute revealed that more than eight out of ten marketers claim that they’re not getting any measurable value out of content marketing. In a world where the C-suite is looking for measurable, scalable value, this creates a very difficult hurdle for the modern marketer to overcome.

Is there a solution? That’s the question that one presentation at the Mid-Atlantic Marketing Summit, entitled “Web2Sales: Hot Marketing Trend or Unfulfilled Hype?”, intends to address.

This discussion, moderated by Strategic Communications Group founder and CEO, Marc Hausman, will boast a panel of exceptional marketers who will discuss and debate the validity of a new trend in the marketplace: Web2Sales.

Panelists include:

Web2Sales is a programmatic approach that aligns Web, content, search, social, digital communications, analytics and CRM with tactical sales activities (i.e. demand generation, lead nurturing and deal capture). You can learn more about Web2Sales by downloading an advanced copy of this informative and easy-to-read eBook, entitled “Welcome to Web2Sales.”

This dynamic session is set to take place between 10:30am – 11:25am in the Frank E. Gannett Auditorium at the Gannett/USA Today corporate headquarters in McLean, Virginia.

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