Marketing insight

Thankful for Insight and Input from Marketing Professionals in Government, Advertising and Brand Management

by Margaret Brown

Learning from marketing professionals and sharing that knowledge is one of our main missions here at Modern Marketing Today. In this roundup, we are thankful for insight into several different areas, including public sector marketing, advertising, and brand management from award-winning marketers. Read on to learn from pros! 

Finding Your Groove in Public Sector Marketing: Q&A with NetApp’s Shelie Brooks and Karen Borosky

Government marketers gathered to discuss the latest trends and pressing pain points in their field at the annual GAIN Conference in Reston, VA, recently. Part of the event always includes an awards ceremony that acknowledges government marketers who go above and beyond in such a uniquely challenging sector of the marketing world. We’re very excited to share that our friends at NetApp U.S. Public Sector were recognized for their phenomenal account-based marketing (ABM) work with Amazon Web Services (AWS). To learn a bit more about this year’s awards and what wisdom the NetApp U.S. Public Sector team has to share about the growing government marketing space, Modern Marketing Today spoke with award recipients Shelie Brooks, Senior Field Marketing Manager – DoD, FSI, and CSP, and Karen Borosky, Senior Field Marketing Manager for State and Local Government and Education. Read what they had to say here. 

Is Your Attention Span Longer Than a Goldfish’s? Director of Marketing for Prezi Weighs In

Binge-watching. A phrase coined when Netflix first hit our home TVs with thousands of hours of shows and movies. What’s interesting is that we can camp out on the couch for days to devour a series, but studies have shown that humans have a small attention span – smaller than a Goldfish. “Microsoft published a study a few years ago that looked at attention and it said that humans have an attention span of eight seconds, which was less than a Goldfish. The implication for marketers was pretty negative. At Prezi, we didn’t really buy that,” said Stefanie Grossman, director of brand marketing. If we can watch a movie, binge-watch shows, and play endless video games, how can we have an attention span of eight seconds? Prezi set out to answer that question in their State of Attention study and came back with some interesting facts – turns out, we’re just picky. Learn more from Grossman here.

Brand Marketing Summit 2018: Human Engagement is Still at the Core of Marketing

Incite Group’s Brand Marketing Summit’s tagline – Marketing is Dead: Engagement is Alive – foresaw the prevailing theme of many discussions centered around human engagement and re-grounding marketing approaches. Modern Marketing Today captured some of the top takeaways from the Brand Marketing Summit. Here’s what we were most excited to share: The ability to make your employees your top advocate is still and elusive but important factor for companies as far as their branding is concerned. Growing enthusiasm internally is key to building customer loyalty. Speakers Casey Hall, Director of Social Media for Thomson Reuters, and Jean Marie Richardson, Founder and CEO of iFOLIO, both spoke to this stance. Read more of our top takeaways here.