Amazon Experience

The “Amazon Experience” – Even Small Brands Can Deliver

by Jackie Davis

When you think of today’s top brands, which ones come to mind? Amazon is a likely answer. But what makes the retail behemoth so successful? One huge factor is the quick, customized experience it offers consumers. According to the Verint Experience Index, Amazon was ranked No. 1 for both its website and as a retailer, with a customer satisfaction score of 86.1.

Publix, Target, and Apple also earned a spot in the top 10 based on experience drivers, including website ease of use and visual appeal. It’s no surprise that these top customer experience deliverers are all global brands, but how can medium and small businesses deliver a customer experience that rivals that of Amazon?

“We hear all these statistics about personalization, how customers expect it, and the huge impact it has on the customer experience,” said Jill Grozalsky, Product Marketing Director, Sitecore Experience Platform in a recent podcast. “The real value of leveraging customized content is in connecting with your customers, building trust and building loyalty.”

Brands like Amazon build customer loyalty by learning what customers respond to. By discovering what’s important to your customer, collecting and leveraging data, and delivering personalized content, you can provide an experience that is tailored and engaging, just like the big guys.

Executing on personalization takes tailored content that is delivered to consumers on the right channel, at the right time – often leveraging multiple channels. Businesses that adopt omnichannel marketing strategies are shown to achieve 91% greater year-over-year customer retention rates compared to businesses that don’t.

“In the age of constant connectivity, the value of being where your customers are can’t be overstated. A focus on breaking down content creation silos and  delivering omnichannel marketing will ensure you are providing consumers with a consistent experience and more importantly, experiences that connect,” Grozalsky said. “Successful omnichannel experiences come from prioritizing content and technologies that help your company engage your customers — wherever they may be.”

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