The C-Suite Isn’t That into You: Takeaways from Sitecore Symposium

by Jackie Davis

Each year, there are thousands of marketing conferences across the country, but the Sitecore Symposium is one that stands out. This year’s theme was “human connections in a digital world” and keynotes, customer showcases, and breakout sessions explored what this means to marketers and retailers.

Paige O’Neil, CMO of Sitecore, led a keynote that brought speakers from giants like General Mills and Cirque du Soleil to the stage to share how digital transformation is driving higher sales and customer satisfaction. Attendees learned many valuable lessons, and Kaya Ismail, founder of Wordify, shared his top 5 takeaways from the keynote in a recent article.

  1. The C-Suite Isn’t That into You

“The C-Suite is just not that into you,” said O’Neil. “80% of CEOs either don’t trust or are unimpressed with their CMO.”

That’s a scary statistic for marketers striving to make an impact. “She advised CMOs and marketers to nurture an “honest” and “realistic” relationship with CEOs and IT,” said Ismail. “They need to set clear expectations about what investments are required and outline a clear strategic goal backed up by metrics that tie into the company’s overarching goals.”

  1. Personalization has Many Layers

“According to O’Neill, only a small portion of marketers know how to deliver an advanced personalization strategy — the type of strategy that consumers demand today,” explained Ismail. Only 23 percent of marketers are delivering personalization campaigns that dive further than the basic information.

A deeper personalization comes in four levels: location, real-time, journey maps, and AI.

  1. You Need More than AI

Marketers are buzzing with AI excitement, but brands need to put in the work to understand how the technology works. “O’Neill said brands need to have the right structure and data in place for AI technologies to flourish. But with 40% of brands not trusting their data, along with 67% of brands saying they don’t have the necessary data capturing tools to collect data with in the first place, AI adoption seems more like a headache than a saving grace for most CMOs,” explained Ismail.

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