The Do’s and Don’ts of Great Video Content: A Q&A with Matthew Fisher of Studio Center

by Jenna Sindle

MFVideo is a powerful tool for the modern marketer. According to MarketingProfs, 70 percent of marketing professionals report that video converts customers better than any other medium.

What’s the magic formula for creating exciting, shareable video content? Matthew Fisher of Studio Center shares his video tips, tricks and do’s and don’ts below:

Tell us a little about Studio Center your role there.

Studio Center is a digital production studio with locations in Virginia, DC, New York, LA, and Vegas. We do everything from podcasts to web design to fully produced video for both broadcast AND non-broadcast projects. Studio Center also handles talent casting for voice-over, on-camera, and translation talent. As an accounts executive here, my roll is to seek out and collaborate with clients who are looking to make something awesome!

When it comes to business-to-business online video content, what are your top three tips for capturing an audience quickly, creatively, and effectively?

1.)   KEEP IT SHORT! I can’t stress the importance of brevity in your video content enough. People (especially business owners and managers) are busy and our collective attention span as a smartphone laden culture is getting shorter and shorter.

2.) BE SUCCINCT! Don’t tell me everything I need to know about you or your product in the video. Just show me enough to make me want to talk to you directly.

3.) USE EMOTION! Whether it’s humor or empathy or even pain, the point of engaging the eyes and ears of your audience is to stir in them something more then just the thought of commerce. Whether you’re buying a wedding ring or parts for your tractor, we engage in business with brands and people who we feel connected to.

What is the biggest mistake business-to-business marketers could make with their online video content?

It’s a tie between making content that is too long and making content that fails to engage. Even if your video is hilarious or thought provoking, if it’s too long I’ll stop caring. On the flip side, if your video is just the right length but suffers from low-quality content then it’s a waste of everyone’s thirty-seconds.

Can you share examples of a few of your favorite business-to-business videos?

We did an awesome video for Luck Stone for their 90th anniversary celebration. It was a fantastic way for them to show their clients (current and potential) that they aren’t about cracking rocks together but about treating their people well so that those people go out and treat others well.

I also think that animation and graphics can be very powerful in video content. People have been raised on cartoons and animated movies. Animation is an incredibly engaging tool. Here is an example.