The Future of the Marketing is Connected and Collaborative

by Jackie Davis

Today’s marketers are not only tasked with creating engaging content but connecting that content to sales and broader company goals. This is quite a change from traditional marketing that largely kept creatives and sales-focused employees apart. This new generation of marketers, ones that focus on the business as a whole, are changing the “front office” as we know it.

To learn more about the future of the front office and how marketing will continue to change in the future, we spoke with Jason Galloway, Marketing Transformation and Technology Practice Lead at KPMG. KPMG recently released Marketing to the Connected Customer – a report that focuses on how organizations must focus on six key areas to be successful in this changing environment.

“The front office as a whole has had to, and is continuing to, change on how they interact with customers,” said Galloway. Traditionally, there have been silos between marketing, sales, and services, but now customers are demanding seamless experiences that are driving these six areas of focus.

“Data, analytics, automation, culture, work structure, and metrics,” are the six findings in the report, explained Galloway. Data now needs to be viewed as a corporate asset by all teams, advanced analytics and automation can be leveraged to create better campaigns, and marketing takes on a larger function to connect with customers.

“The question now becomes, what does that mean for marketing? Marketing really needs to change to live in this new world,” Galloway said. According to the report, 54 percent of marketers believe their roles will include collaborating with IT, sales, and finance in the future – and they are right. For the future marketer to be successful in connecting with customers, breaking down data and organizational silos are important.

“When we say future office, we aren’t saying this is going to happen or be in place tomorrow,” explained Galloway. “When we go into most companies, we still find that we have a distinct marketing organization and a distinct customer service organization. What needs to happen is that these internal stakeholders need to work in a much more interconnected way.”

Marketers and organizations can use these findings to connect with customers and increase organizational collaboration. The future of marketing, and the front office as a whole, will rely on connection and collaboration.

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