The New Marketing Playbook: On Hiring Mercenaries and Other Strategies to Thrive in Uncertain Times

by Jenna Sindle

It goes without saying that we are living through a period of great uncertainty. The global pandemic and domestic events have conspired to create conditions for organizations for which there is no playbook.

However if there is one thing that marketers know, it’s that uncertain times to result smaller budgets for marketers. But does this necessarily mean that marketers should pull back on innovative plans and temper success metrics?

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A new eBook featuring marketing expert and Postclick CMO, Eric Eden, shares 10 best practices for marketers to survive the 2020 planning process and optimize their budget to continue to connect engagement to demand for their organizations. This playbook for marketing in uncertain times draws on the experiences of five leading CMOs and insights from organizations including the IAB, Bain, and the WFA.

The culmination of this research are 10 strategies designed to help marketers navigate the 2020 budget planning process and set the stage for success in 2021. While some may seem self-evident – such as building a growth strategy that focuses on your existing customers – others are frankly unexpected – like hiring cloud mercenaries.

To find out what a cloud mercenary is, how they will fuel marketing success, not to mention the other strategies for striving in uncertain times, download the eBook here.