The Secret Sauce for Social Engagement: Don’t Sell. Inform.

by Jenna Sindle

As we discussed in an earlier article,  social media for marketing can enable businesses looking to further their reach to more customers. It’s a particularly useful tool for B2B marketers and sales representatives looking to engage with new prospects. In his recently released eBook, Marc Hausman, President and CEO of Strategic Communications Group takes a look at the intersection of content, social, and sales in the modern marketing environment.

Today, we are pleased to be feature an exclusive excerpt from The Intersection Point: Where Content, Social & Sales Collide.

Social media is an extremely valuable channel that every B2B sales representative should leverage. You’ll still need to pick up the phone to engage with customers and prospects, but why not identify them and their interests before reaching out? Remember, people tell you what they think by how they spend their time.

Social media can be especially effective when it comes to participating in the government procurement process. That’s because government employees are more open about sharing best-practices and approaches with their peers at other agencies.  There are few, if any, competitive conflicts.

Going into a conversation armed with insight about a prospect’s pain points can give you a distinct advantage when cultivating new relationships. By following prospect conversations and keeping a keen eye on their updates, you’ll be able to:

  • Generate leads with prospective customers who have self-identified
  • Nurture and cultivate relationships with prospects
  • Build awareness, credibility and executive visibility


To read more or to dive deeper into the many ways that social media can benefit sales and marketing professionals like you, be sure to download the free eBook today.

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