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Three Ways to Strengthen Your Social Presence

by Jackie Davis

As marketers, we know that things are constantly changing. While we can’t, and shouldn’t, jump on every trend, we should take a hard look at our social presence every so often to determine what we could do better.

Looking at the same pages, day in and day out can make it difficult to be objective. That pinned Tweet that’s been up since September and those broken links looming in the shadows of your page can make your account look sloppy. To keep Twitter and LinkedIn fresh-faced for an accurate representation of your awesome business and to engage clients, there are a few things you need to evaluate, whether it be every month or every quarter, but at least once a year.

1. Picture Perfect

Each link or story you post is accompanied by a picture pulled directly from the linking site. Often, it’s a stock photo that relates to your topic. As much as we wish our designer could create original images for every post, it just isn’t realistic, especially if you are part of a small team, so, unfortunately, stock photos are a reality of the social world today.

There ways to make your posts more picture perfect. Focus, Instead, on finding stock photos that you haven’t seen frequently, or that offer something a little different. But, when you can, work with your designer to create an original image, or even better, use original photography. In a simple test, a moving company swapped out stock photos for original pictures of employees and increased their conversions by over 40 percent.

2. #Hashtags

Hashtags are a valuable tool for both Twitter and LinkedIn and make it easy for readers to search for posts on a topic. However, hashtags can be tricky – use too many and you look spammy, use too few and you miss potential customers, use one without knowing the meaning and you could be in hot water.

We’ve all seen the posts that are followed by what seems like endless hashtags. While they do help content find the right audience, research suggests that four or five hashtags are ideal. The meaning of hashtags is also important to know. Sure, something can seem harmless but make sure you search it before you drop it into a company post.

3. 30-Second Shoot

Research by Twitter Business found that people who viewed videos were 50 percent more likely to be aware of a brand and that Twitter videos were twice as memorable as those on other platforms. People who viewed videos felt 14 percent more favorable about a brand and increased the average lift in intent by 34 percent.

It’s no doubt that videos capture attention and have a lasting impact. To spice up your social channels try working with your designers to craft a short video – 15 to 30 seconds is the sweet spot. If this is your first video, use it as a test and dive into analytics to see how your video increased engagement.

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