Today’s Hot Topic: User Experience

by Jenna Sindle

Marketers shine when it comes to creating and contemplating catchy phrases to simplify complex activities or outcomes.

Consider the buzz around the concept of “user experience.”  It now occupies the time, attention and…yes…resources of marketing and communications professionals at companies just like yours.

What is UX?  Why should you care?

User experience is merely how an organization engages with its key audiences – such as customers, prospects, partners, employees and investors – in multiple environments, both online and offline.

Consider how the vibe of an Apple retail store mimics its product design.  Or the strategies employed by online purveyors such as Amazon and Zappos to inspire visitors to camp out on their site through an easily navigated presentation of products.

The user experience also extends to time tested activities, such as a customer conference.  This month Modern Marketing Today attended Marketo’s Marketing Nation Summit and Oracle’s Modern Marketing Experience. Both events highlighted the importance of the user experience. Click here to read what industry experts had to say.