Video Do’s and Don’ts from Industry Experts

by Jenna Sindle

Have you integrated video into your organization’s content program?

According to MarketingProfs, 70 percent of marketing professionals report that video converts customers better than any other medium.

However, research from Kantar Media shows that only 24 percent of brands are utilizing online video. Why are marketers underutilizing such a powerful medium?

Video can be daunting. How do you begin? What is going to capture your customer’s eye? How much time and investment is required?

According to Jonathan Perelman, VP of Motion Pictures at Buzzfeed, it’s crucial that you stick to the three pillars of video content:

  • Emotional Gift: “How will this content make you feel?”
  • Identity: “Can this video say more about you than you would say about yourself?”
  • Information: “Can you present something in a new, different or unique way?”

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What is the biggest mistake that marketers make when it comes to video?

“Length, length, length!” says Matthew Fisher of Studio Center. “You have the first eight seconds of a video to capture your customer’s attention and then another 30-60 seconds beyond that to keep it. Anything over two minutes is too long.”

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