As marketers we know our job is constantly changing, which is what makes it exciting. A new meme, hashtag, or social tool can redirect the world of social engagement or start a movement. This time in history may very well be looked back on as the most vocal, engaging, and transformative period for social media. How can businesses harness these trends to attract customers? Modern Marketing Today has pulled together the top trends in marketing focusing on customer engagement.

30-Seconds, Please

IGTV, the Instagram video platform, launched in June as both an Instagram built-in and standalone app. Fashion brands flocked to the new tool showcasing runway shows, new collections, and mini commercials. In 2018, it’s estimated that 1.87 billion people worldwide will use a mobile phone to watch a video, an 11.9 percent increase from last year. The opportunity for businesses to connect with their target audience is endless with 1 billion Instagram users waiting to be awed.

“Everyone is excited about video, and for good reason,” says Elliott in his Digital Marketing course with BoF. “It is the main mode to deliver a true story and to deliver things in motion. It makes you activated.”

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Direct Your Data

Marketing has been hit with the harsh reality that it must back up its campaigns with solid data. Collecting data is easy, but analyzing that data can be tricky for many creatives. During “Mastering data to drive better business decisions”, a roundtable of 19 senior marketers from major brands, tactics to analyze and successfully use data were shared. Some marketers suggested collecting and analyzing data before a campaign even begins to answer questions on demographics and potential ROI. Industry leaders in attendance urged marketers of all levels to build partnerships with other departments, accounting and finance just may be your new best friends.

“Everyone needs to see data differently based on different roles,” said Paul Harapin, vice-president and general manager of Asia Pacific at Domo.

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Marketing Productivity  

On the campaign side, there is data, on the execution side, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). KPIs enable marketers to take a careful look at situations and analyze them to make a decision on future steps. A few KPIs to consider are job satisfaction, communication, time management, and the ability to listen. Arina Katrycheva, CMO of time tracking and project management software actiTIME, offers marketers insights on how to see beyond the KPI and achieve workplace success.

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Millennial Mayhem

The most connected generation to date can also be the hardest to advertise to. Marketers have to think outside of the box to grab this highly influential, tech-savvy group who isn’t afraid to share their opinions. Marketers who use high-quality video, have creative campaigns, and take the time to know their audiences have a chance at success. A study by Animoto found that 80 percent of Millennials use video to conduct research before completing a purchase.

Marketers can also consider supporting a worthy cause with their campaigns. Millennials love the chance to support something bigger than themselves but are strongly opinionated, make sure to do your research before picking a charity and launching a campaign.

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