VP of Brand Communications for adidas Shares Brand and Selling Strategies

by Jackie Davis

Technology is driving change in everything from banking to retail. With new tools available to consumers, they are becoming accustomed to a new way of selling – one that doesn’t feel like selling at all. To successfully engage customers in this competitive market, companies must offer connected experiences that draw consumers in by telling a story. 

Alegra O’Hare, VP of Brand Communications at adidas Originals and Style, will be sharing her experiences navigating the new world of retail at the upcoming Brand Marketing Summit, which brings together product management, marketing, engagement, and design professionals from across the world. O’Hare spoke with Incite Group to offer insights into the adidas brand strategy and discuss the theme of this year’s conference, “Marketing is Dead: Engagement is Alive.”  

“People will engage more if they see beyond the product, but something that has an added value that only that brand can give which, in turn, will drive more long-term business.  Sustainability and a clear point of view on issues that shape society is fundamental and has to be done in an authentic way,” explained O’Hare. 

O’Hare will also be discussing the changing role of marketing within retail and the importance of a successful customer journey. 

“Marketing’s role is to create in the long-term a cultural brand, not just to communicate and sell in the short-term.  This approach will dictate which brands and companies will survive and thrive,” she said. “The consumer journey is the starting point for a surgically-precise deliverables list.  Mapping out the scenario and creating a framework with a focus between social and .com is vital.” 

Attendees of the conference can expect to hear O’Hare and many other brand leaders from companies including National Geographic, Lenovo, and Dell share their engagement, social media, and selling strategy.

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