As organizations increase investments in content creation, social media, search and digital communications for lead generation and nurturing, marketers have sought new approaches to motivate sales teams to take action in a timely manner.

Most organizations have implemented technologies to help them connect with new and existing prospects and, ultimately, to enable the sales teams to close deals. One of the most popular tools that marketers rely on is a CRM platform, such as

A recent poll of 800 respondents by Corporate Visions showed that 87 percent of marketers are required to use a CRM platform by their companies. Yet, 79 percent said that they simply “check the boxes” when it comes to using their system.

That’s where the Strategic Lead Management CRM solution comes in. The solution, developed by Strategic Communications Group in partnership with Rainmaker Associates, can help you leverage the functionality of to develop a custom and comprehensive lead flow process, combined with a dashboard for tracking and reporting.

Join us on Tuesday, September 30 at 3:00pm for Web2Sales: How Marketers Can Inspire Sales Team Action and Accountability. Hosted by Strategic founder and CEO, Marc Hausman, and featuring John Sisson, Managing Partner at Rainmaker Associates, you will learn more about the features and functionality of the Strategic Lead Management CRM solution.

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