When Sales Gets Personal

by Jenna Sindle

Have you connected with your customers today? I mean really connected. I’m talking about something more meaningful then an Email or social media interaction.

It can be easy to forget a business buyer is also a person with professional aspirations and personal interests.

This was a point brought up several times at the Salesforce World Tour in Washington DC last month.

Marketing automation and CRM platforms such as Salesforce can, without a doubt, make the sales process more efficient and scalable. These process-driven tools allow us to message customers and prospects in a targeted fashion at the optimal time., Does it mean that we’re actually connecting with them?

Click here to read more about the art of B2B sales in this article published by Modern Marketing Today. It includes a discussion of why sales remains a relationship driven endeavor. What do you think? Do you agree?

Also, be sure to check out the presentation below entitled “Social Media for Sales”. This talk, given by Strategic Communications Group’s founder and CEO, Marc Hausman, focused on how social and digital engagement and thought leadership can help sales professionals quickly identify, cultivate and close deals.

Hausman outlined three things you can do to ratchet up your social selling:

  • Freshen up your online profile
  • Find and follow customers and prospects
  • When the timing is right…participate!

At the end of his presentation, Hausman shared with the audience a bonus tip: keep it real. Because, once again, B2B sales always boils down to connection, and a genuine online presence helps create trust and credibility.